Wednesday, October 26, 2005

catching up

i know, i know. it's been forever since i have updated. so here goes:
(yes, Ana. i know my pics are crappy. there is no sunlight. ever)

i got an RAK monday! i was so excited to pull an unexpected envelope out of my mailbox, from the lovely Terby.

then today i got another envelope! this one from a wonderful online store Cotton Clouds. This is a cone of Brown Sheep Cotton Fine in 'Cherry Moon' and it photos kinda orangey, but it's the loveliest deep pink colour.

then we move on to my mittens! i join the Warm Hands Knitalong, and the mittens FLY off my needles. i made the right one last year, and finally cast on for #2 yesterday, and cast off today. all that's left is to trim ends (i wove them in as i knit!) and then block. 'Covered with Color' from the 'Knit Mittens!' book, in lamb's pride worsted. odd colours. was a kit from my LYS, and the actual colours used in the book. the blue motif on the left mitten pulls a bit, but it's still good. pics of inside once trimmed.

and then i cast on this lovely mitten! 'Chipman's Block' from same mitten book, in Lamb's Pride Nature Spun Worsted in Natural and Eucalyptus and i must say this is the most fun project i have ever ever knit! i am loving the two-handed knitting action, and also the colours and it reminds me of when i used to do cross-stitch because the back is supposed to be as neat as the front. oh yeah, this'll be a fun, fast project.

i might cast on for the fair-isle vest tonight as well, take that to school with me. woo hoo for all this knitting!


Gina said...

So much yarn goodness in the mail -- but those mini Sharpies really caught my eye!

Anonymous said...

Wow- those mittens are great!