Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Red Letter Mail Day

Jewel and Freebies 3/30

Yesterday my FREE coupons arrived. I had a Tide Stain Release packet that did NOT dissolve in the wash, but rather left a mess in the load! I also had CLOTG packets that weren't sealed. Wrote decent complaints and got the q's right away, which I was hoping for because of the Catalina!

Tide: $6.99/$7.99 - FREE q
Crystal Light: $3.49/$5.48 - FREE q
Crystal Light: $1.99/$3.89 - $1 q x2, earn $1 YB
That got me to $20 with only $2 OOP!
Also needed a cake mix ($1) and powdered sugar ($1.69)
Spent $4.60 cash, earned $5 cat. love it!

Then I got home to my diapers.com order (now to mail in the rebate!) and these freebies:
-Beneful sample with $1 q (Wal-Mart)
-Kashi bar sample with $1 q
-Scott Rag sample from Sam's
-BUILT Bib I got with my Huggies points. This is a NICE bib!

Yay mail!

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