Monday, February 27, 2006

sockapaloooza update

yup. with Olympic knitting outta the way, here come my socks for my pal!
using this pattern i made one sock before, but it was with patterning yarn like they used. i think solid stripes are MUCH more attractive!
using Regia Mini Rengel Color, and it is gorgeous. will explain why stripes don't match later on. but yeah. fraternal is good.

tried them on for this photo shoot, but not once i get to the heels (in about two more inches) because my sockpal has way smaller feet than me. maybe my mom can model the FO (then i shall wash it, of course. hehe) AND i taught myself two socks on two circs! had to do some acrobatics after toe increases because i needed one heel stitch on the instep needle so i could end the row on a K1 and NOT a YO. whew. will have to juggle it around again when i get to heel.


veritas said...

oooohhh pretty.... so many colours....

yes. i think i need to do this sock thing.

Aubrie said...

Ahh...I saw your sweater now!


Laura said...

looks like the stripes match pretty well. Or am I missing something obvious?

Gina said...

Great colors!