Wednesday, November 16, 2005

picture intensity!!

so yeah...been a busy little elf lately. if you know me, and know you might be receiving a certain knitted item for your hands...don't read any further!!!

first off, after my successful oven mitt, i decided pot-holders/trivets were in store for DBF's grandparents. so pulled out what appears to be the last (thank goodness!!) of my lamb's pride worsted, and doubled it to make these:

started about 11-inches square

ended about 9-inches square. i hate felting garter...but they will make a nice size for trivets.

next up is a craptacular picture (since i am fully capable of crappy pics) this is a lovely pattern that Danielle from NoNoKitty Yarns came up with (pattern here and be sure to visit her brand new blog.) it's some sorta superwash wool i got from bargain bin at LYS..i frogged a scarf i had already made out of it..pic around here somewhere...maybe...someday

and i cast on for mitten #2 on the train yesterday morning....three classes and two train rides later....

i LOVE the insides!! i absolutely do!

The outsides aren't too bad either!
Chipman's Block Mittens, size Ladie's small from Knit Mittens!, size 1 and 3 CPY bamboo dpn's, Brown Sheep Nature Spun worsted in Eucalyptus and Natural. cannot wait to make my own pair, but i am soooo glad to have another gift done!

guess that is it for today! whee! ;)


mumblingmonkey said...

wow! do you have 2 hr train rides or something? each mitten would take me a week. you are speedy. Good for you!

javede said...

The mittens are stunning! As is knitting Intarsia while beeing on a train!

choomon said...

Those mittens have me in a trance. I used to ride two buses and a teain each way 5 days a week for school. I think about that now, and wish I had been knitting back then.