Wednesday, June 08, 2005


hey everyone!!! I want to start running. so my main goal is a mile under 9:30 consistently, and over eight weeks working my way down to an 8-minute mile. i am also going to alternate days with longer distances and not timing them at first, cuz then i push myself too hard.

anyway, Ana has sugessted I reward myself with yarn, which is an awesome idea! as long as i use up stash while i am running. I currently have $75 from cutting the grass. so i will keep saving that for eight more weeks as well. then go to the yarn store for some super nice yarn for a gorgeous winter sweater. i'm thinking Noro, of course. seeing as i would never be able to afford Noro (any of them) and this would make an awesome reward for myself. so what are your guys' sugesstions for Noro yarns and patterns?? please share!

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