Wednesday, January 27, 2010

No more Beef!

hmmm, I swear it's the same beef. "Beef Round Top Round Roast" or whatever it says. I picked up the SAME size I bought yesterday, and it didn't work. No discount, so I left it at self-check. Then went back for the rest of my goodies!


Some months ago my mom gave me a coupon for 4 free BeechNut Stage 2 jars. I had noticed it was on Upromise for $1 back WYB 8. Not a necessary item for me, so I waited. Then I got the same coupon in the mail, but Upromise had for Stage 1 food. Well, this month the buy 8 Stage 2 and earn $1 is back (if I remember correctly - their site hasn't been working for me). They are on sale For $.39 right now, so I wrote $1.56 on the q, but the teenager had to do the math the loooong addition way before she believed that *eye roll*

I found the Wheatables everyone is talking about in blog land - not on a shipper, but on an end and they had taped a q to each one :) $1.88, minus $1.50 q, x2!

Another FREE Slim Fast candy bar
TOTAL: $.91 for all that :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Mmmm, Beef. Dinner.

Cheap Beef

Matt and I picked up three total of the Slim Fast bars. REALLY hard to find ones that weren't crumbled all to bits! No Catalinas printed though. These are delicious, even though they are pure sugar!

Also picked up a holiday ID Creamer. It said $.99, but scanned at $1.99 after card savings, so the service desk manager actually gave it to me free for ringing up incorrectly!

Then I tried a roast for $10.17, and it took off the $5.48 savings for the veggies :) When we went back, I actually found another for the exact same price! It's crock pot weather here, so will definitely be making one this week, and froze one for later.

Used a $2.50 cat I found left at a self-check last week!

Total for 6.8 pounds of beef, 3 slim fast and one ID: $7.10 ($1.04 per pound!!!)

YUM. Wish I already had the freezer, but that's not til Feb 7th and won't be using it til we move anyway.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Yay Dominick's!

Sometimes, you can do alright, even when the employees aren't the best and self check freezes like it tends to do. yeargh.

Go Dominick's!

Fruit Snacks with e-coupons and catalina, etc etc. Soda as filler. etc!

Yay Cereal!

Annie's mac (coupon beeped...why, when 1st one didn't?)
BC potatoes $.99, $.40 e-coupon x2, $.50 manq = --$.31
Mulit-grain cheerios: $2 after instant save, $1 manq x2, $.55 e-coupon = 2/$1.45
Oatmeal and Cap'n $.50 after save and q's
Total: $3.83

Quick trip to Jewel!
South Beach Bars, two transactions at two stores.
3 bars @ $8.97, $1.25 Avenu x2, $1 IP x3 = $3.63, earn $3 cat
3 bars @ $8.97, $1.25 Avenu x2, $1 IP x3, $3 cat = $.63, earn $3 cat

6 cereal for $.93! Used $3.50 and $3 cat.

Altogether now: 32 items for $9.45, which is $.30 each That's more like it! Haven't had this in a while, and now we are stocked on cereal.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Catching Up

I took a break from shopping - it was tiring and we don't need anything. But I did do a bit over the last week!

Some goodies at Meijer with their "buy 10 get the 11th free" except I wish they weren't out of pasta. We have almost used it all from the last Jewel deal. But I also bought Breakstone cottage cheese there and took my $5 cat to Dom's where I paid $.69 for this:

Dominick's Run

8 - $.50 e-coupons came off for soup/broth, plus a $1.10/3 IP (soup was $1.11 and broth $3.29). Eggs were $.99 with store q, Quaker $.99 w/store q, then $1/2 manq. Bought Clif bars as fillers to use my $5 cat!

Dominick's Paid Me!
I hit up Dom's for the crazy Aveeno/C&C deal.
Aveeno: $2.92
-$2 e-coupon
-$2 IP
C&C: $6.99
-$2 e-coupon
-$6.99 e-coupon
-$2 IP
for some overage! So I picked up 5 more Breakstone.

Meaning I spent $2.07 cash and earned a $5 cat. Sweet!

Today in the mail I got one of those digest sized Bisquick cookbooks you see at the checkout. Don't remember signing up?

I have also been busy crafting. Check out this lovely baby in the dress I crocheted:

Sophia's Dress