Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Don't

It was one of "those" days at Dominick's, where things went awry but (mostly) to my favor. hmmm. Reminder: never use internet coupons at this location. It freezes the self-check. Ooops!!

When I scanned my card, out popped a $3/$10 produce, which I just so happened to have :) No photo as I split the watermelon with mom, shared pineapples with the bro, and had the salad for dinner.

Dentastix: 2/$6, $2.50 Shortcuts, $2.50 IP x2 = -$1.50!!
Colgate: $2.49 w/Super Coupon, $.75 CellFire x2, $.75 manq = $.24
one apple (Jazz, never heard of it, sounded good) = $.59
Watermelon: $1.99
Chiquita Pineapple: bought 12 on sale BOGO, used 6 q from the packages. the other 6 still had q and I still have 3. On sale til next Wednesday, so will go back for later exp. date. (she rang up 13, but I had to leave, didn't read receipt right away, biggee)
Salad from deli: $4.99
$23.49 before any q, paid $5.18 from my $30 GC for transferring my script. Should have been $1 less, but hey, $5 for ALL that? That's my dinner alone and the rest is free LOL

Target :)

Target for once was EASY because the lady in front of me had all clearance items, plus a Nutrogena with the $3 q which impressed the cashier. Good sign for me!

Kashi Strawberry Waffles: $2.94, used FREE Vocalpoint q
Kashi Honey Oat Waffles: $1.99, $1.50 manq, $.25 Target q = $.24
Softsoap refills: $3 clearance, $2 Target q, $1 manq = FREE
Breyers Yogurt: $.52 each, $1/2 IP = 2/$.04
PopChips: 2/$5, $1 IP x2, $1/2 Target q = 2/$2
After q and with tax: $2.54

Went back after church for one more Softsoap and two All detergents ($1.02 with $1 q). $.30 for all three :)

Now plotting my Sunday CVS Attack. Debating going at 7am to get enough items to make $30. Debating if it is worth it or not...could make a lot of ECBs and I have been burning through them quickly!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

E-coupons are crazy!

You really should just load all the coupons from CellFire, ShortCuts and P&G e-saver. Because the discounts just fly off the screen!.

Dominick's Trip 7/28

Nature Valley: $1.50 after Super Coupon x2
Cell Fire $.40/1 ANY, ShortCuts $.50/1 Dark Chocolte AND $.50/1 ANY, $.50/1 IP

Fruit Roll Ups: $1.50 w/SC x2
CF $.50/2, SC $.50/2 AND $.50/2 (diff. exp.), $.50/2 IP

Kraft Cheese: $1.49 w/SC, $1 IP = $.49

18 ct eggs: $.99 w/SC

Duracell: $4.99 w/SC, P&Ge $1, $.75 manq = $3.24

Bakery Bread: $1.19, $1 store IP = $.19

OM Deli Creations: $.99 each on clearance (didn't risk using a q)

OM Beef Franks: $1.88 w/SC, $1 IP = $.88

Chiquita Pineapple: $.99 BOGO store sale, 3 BOGO q (all they had. but brought home 3 more q) = FREE

TOTAL: $10.66 Not too bad when you consider 1/3 of that is batteries. $2 is OM Clearance and $.99 is eggs. GREAT deals to be had with super coupons and e-coupons!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Deal Round-Up

What have I picked up lately?

La Victoria Salsa: 2/$5, bought 4 and used 2-$4/2 q's from La Vic rewards
YoPlait Yo-Plus: $2.50, $1 shortcuts q and $1 manq = $.50

Super Target
Kashi: Cereal $2.69 and Crackers $3.54. Used $1.50 on cracker WYB cereal IP, $1.50 Cereal IP and $1/1 Cereal Target q. = $2.23/2
Breyers Yogurt: $.52 each, used $1/2 IP
Colgate: $2, used $1 manq and $1 Target CRT
At Petsmart I found $2/1 Tidy Cat peelies, good til 12/2010, and then at Target I got a CRT for $2/1! Can't wait for the next GC deal. Hopefully before CRT exp on 8/31

Super Wal-Mart
Hefty One Zip: bought 4 quart and 4 gallon for $1, used $1q. Were bonus size boxes.
Breyers Yogurt: $.50 each, used 2-$1/2 IP
Tyson Frozen Skillet Meal: $5, used $1 q, sent for FREE rebate.

Lean Cuisine: 6/$10. Bought 12, used B2G1, $1/3 x2, $1/2 x1
Skinny Cow: 3/$10. Bought 4, used 4-$1 q, sent for $4 rebate = $5.34/4

Chiquita smart bites: $1 each. Used 2 "buy any get pineapple free" peelies and two free/$1 on any. $.07 tax for all four.
(Stopped in today for yet another coupon book for updating my card.)

Pillsbury simply... cookies. $2 each, buy 10 earn $5 cat. Mom and I pooled our $1.25/1 Psst... q's so we had 10 total. Cashier @ self-check argued that they were photcopied. Then that they were internet. I said IP don't look like that, but they insisted. Sheesh. Then said they had limit 4 of one q or else the man. won't reimbursh them and it comes out of their paycheck. Lady who finally put them in because other told her to said she got written up last time, but would do it. Said she wasn't arguing (uh, what?). You know they get their $$!! Sheesh. But the ONE good thing about Meijer is the cat prints after you scan the items, not when you pay. So I used the $5 because I was fed up. $2.95 after tax for all 10. Into the freezer for Christmas baking! This is totally why I haven't set foot in Meijer in well over a year. Gosh.

Croc Mary Janes. Clearnce for $4.88. Even with shipping, $11. Regular $30. HAD to buy them when the only ones left were my size (10), the color I have wanted (fuschia)

Mail Call!

Mail Goodies

Cosmetic bag from Seventeen mag. nice!
Right at Home gift pack. I have never gotten one. Maybe it doesn't tell you when you sign up that they are out? Who knows. Sample of Nature's Source AP cleaner and a packet of forget-me-not seeds.

Friday, July 03, 2009

And I didn't even try!

Sooooo, we had the $10 Cat burning a hole in our pocket (doesn't expire til 7/11, but don't want to forget it!) and needed a few things to make snacks for tomorrow's party, so we headed off to Jewel.


Special K: 3/$5 when you buy 3, $1q x3 = 3/$2
Sabra Hummus: $3.99 BOGO, $1.50 IP x2 = 2/$.99
Jewel Bacon: $3.50 sale
Kraft 2% natural cheese: $1.69 each, $1 IP x2 = $3.07, earn $2 cat
(of course they make these 7oz now! jerks)
Wild Harvest Organic Milk: $3.69 = FREE coupon
Pillsbury Cookies: $3.99 = FREE coupon (from Psst...)
Jalapenos: $.55 for 14. Super sale!

Used $10 cat, had $15.68 in manq, and earned $2 cat
Turned around and used $2 cat on bag of chips for $2.50. Paid $1.17 cash total for all the goodies!


We also stopped at Kohl's with a free $10 that came in the mail, plus store credit. We ended up paying $1.29 cash for a shirt and two pair of earrings.

Then we stopped at TJ's and Sams for some goodies like pita chips (to go with the hummus) and some oatmeal and two-buck chuck.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A Crocs Giveaway!

Head over to Common Sense with Money to enter for a $50 Crocs gift card! I already own five pair in different styles and would love to add yet another!