Thursday, March 31, 2005


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this is from standing on a chair...roughly half the stash. to get you prepared.

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ready  to move on??


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We'll start with good old Red Heart Super Saver and some other brand of acrylic. good stuff ;)

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one skein of homespun and four Red Heart Light and Lofty

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Down to three skeins of homespun from 12. 6 to make an afghan, 2 to a friend for a scarf and one for a scarf for me..on a needle somewhere. under the bed, maybe? the color is actually green. darkish green. with rusty highlights.

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Lion Polarspun from the ever so kind monkeemaven. Tutti Frutti x3 and Sherbet x2 now put up into yarn cakes, zib's favorite.

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Lion Kool Wool, "Camel" from monkee, now put in cakes.

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Berella "4" acrylic cheapies from Herrschners. 10 green, 1 "wine mist" plus a sweater front of 3 green, 1 wine. don't want to make that sweater though

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Soho Studio's "side by side" one strand each of black and white. 16 skeins plus 2 into a sweater i do not know if i still want. notice a trend? Acrylic.

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Red Heart GIANT. Navy Blue. FIVE of them. $1 a piece. could i pass that up?

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Spinnerin "Caresse" Acrylic, about 50 yds each, 20 of them. ebay find.

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Lion Colorwaves. such a pretty boucle yarn, and so soft. 4 skeins plus half a poncho. hopefully will finish it this summer to wear next season. color "mai tai"

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2 skeins Lion Woolspun from herrschners sale. left over from cute vest I made.

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three skeins Bernat Handicrafter cotton. yellow, blue and white, and tannish with colors. have already made a ton of dishclothes.

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4 cards candlewicking thread that are in the mail to monkee. glittery skinny yarn from a yard sale. three balls crochet thread.

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two fabri-knit purse kits. denim is a cute little one, which i also sent to joeli, plus purple tote.

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Covered with Color mitten from Knit Mittens! in lambs pride worsted. need a second mitten

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this is what's left of my first kool aid experiment

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the 'fun' stuff. two lavendar Lion "Fun Fur", one purple/yellow Bernat "Eyelash" green is Red Heart "Tiki" and black is Lion "Trellis" in "stained glass"

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CPY Splash and Squiggle in "Seven Seas"

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leftovers. i love ziplocs! one for lamb's pride, one for 220, one for novelty, one for acrylic, etc....

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mohairyess! one skein Plymouth Divine "richest rose" from a sweater, two skeins red from thrift store, two skeins Adriafil "floppy" from LYS bargain basket

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cascade pima tencel for ruffle scarf from Scarf Style

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two skeins moda dea "sassy stripes" and two patons Kroy

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Plymouth Sockotta

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brown sheep naturespun for mittens.

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Classic Elite gifts, maybe

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10 skeins 220 for Mariah. it is a deep charcoal gray

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7 skeins sock yarn to make granny square skirt from Hip to Crochet.

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Gedifra Gigante left over from a bag i bought and made hat, scarf, mittens.

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noro! one skein pink in armwarmers already, other in cake form, booga bag for the blue someday soon.

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WOOL! purples and reds are lamb's pride worsted, black and brown lamb's pride bulky, blue is 220, and hat to frog is yarn from

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wal-mart yarn to someday make a cute plastic tote from Knits with a Twist

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thrift store find. 100% wool with cables and bobbles and seed...lots of yarn.

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thrift store find. 100% wool from ecuador, hand made so seams are beautiful....huge mans sweater, will get nice buttons as well.

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super soft thrift store find. 90 wool 10 acrylic. hopefully will dye nice.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Sneak a Peek!

okay. so today was productive. monkee, in the pictures at the end, not only is the carpet vacuumed, it is washed. my mom wanted to, so i took everything out leaving me room to spread yarn for stash flashing friday

so anyway, latest package from SP:

and my technique for winding:

i put the yarn on the chairback and can spin it nicely while winding.

such pretty wool!

also finally working on:

and for your yarn p0rn enjoyment, a sneak peek:

Thursday, March 24, 2005


i really do. cuz she's having fun with 'hush-hush' and smoochies. *sigh* *sniffle* at least i have monkee to myself!! hehe :-*

anyway, i'm ridiculously tired, so i will post pics tomorrow. they are on the camera, but i am too tired to get them into the ether. so you can wait. i cleaned parts of my room today. and i have an awesome idea for Flashing my Stashing!!! i hope it turns out as cool as i picture it. i need to hyperlink parts of an an image map, i guess. maybe i will need help. someone can help me, please??

Friday, March 18, 2005

so if i make this public....

i should stick to it.
this upcoming sunday is the last sunday i will work. i told my boss i have religious things to do, so no more. so now i will have a day of rest, starting and ending with church. so my huge goal is to start running. at least once a week to start, and then add in more as i go. because i need to get in shape. now it's not for my appearance anymore, but its for my health. i gotta tone up a bit.
the winter knitting season is done, so i will wait on sweaters until after i think i am as 'small' as i am gonna get. i would hate to knit things that will then be too big to be attractive.
this will give me a chance to catch up on all my other stuff. i have three sweaters to undo, and christmas gifts to knit and small things for myself like mittens and a booga bag. plus a latch hook i have been working on for like a year...and some material...a lot of it is even cut out already. so yes. this is my summer. i am loving it!

it's really happening!!!!

so last week i sent in my cover letter and resume (which many of you proofed, thanks again!) and they called today to set up an interview!!! but everyone on my buddy list is away and anyone I could call is in this is my first announcement!
now i have to go get my work schedule for next week and gather all my info...such as when school ends and when i can quit my job and see if they will let me have time off to volunteer at bible school. this will rock so much! yay!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 14, 2005

updates as promised....and away we go!

hey guys! thanks for waiting so patiently, Wendy. Here is my update.

First off, I had this stuff:

which of course is recalled because of 'SYC' as Yorkie puts it ;) (Spontaneous Yarn Combustion for the rest of ya) i guess thats fine cuz the more i looked at it, the odder it was.
so i went to the LYS and got this:

Cascade Pima Tencel...OMG. petting the skeins was good until i knitted it up:

wow!!! it is the softest yarn i have used. i am loving it so much! plus the pattern is totally mindless and i cannot wait to wear it. should be a fast knit.

and i finally finished my Hurry Up Spring Armwarmers, and not a moment too soon. it is still winter here. even though saturday is the last official day, we will still be cold for a bit. the yarn....gosh. will anybody yell at me if i say Kureyon is not my favorite yarn? Just about everytime i went to make the 'knot' where you knit into three stitches in the front/back/front it broke...i swear the yarn was only thinly spun in those places and i had to keep spit splicing it and it would untwist and argh. plus the colors .....i don't like how the one has no orange/red. but i guess they look okay together. if it weren't for the amazing vibrancy of the colors and the softness of the FO, i would hate these:

and my new toy!

it's a Zen Micro...same touch technology as the iPod but for a fraction of the, it's a cute size and it glows blue!! heh heh

guess that's it for now. will go knit my scarf and whatnot. there is homework to be done, alas....

Sunday, March 13, 2005

i've been bad

i swear, i keep meaning to update this!! i just wanted to finish my armwarmers first, so i could upload all the pics at once. plus now i gotta get ready for wendy's 'flash your stash'

as of this minute i am eating doritos, drinking a corona and reading a romance novel. i'm odd.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

220 in under 10

i may never use another yarn again. smell the wet sheep?? this is the Hello Yarn Skull-Mini-Tote, minus skull. Cascade in heathery blue i bought specifically for this project, and the stripes are leftover 'Aruba' from my Pixie Hat. enjoy!

it took barely 10 minutes....if it were lamb's pride, i would still be in the laundry room....

is there knitting?

yes there is. i am knitting something for my secret pal, so i cannot post. my friend loved the scarf/belt i crocheted for her birthday. pics asap, promise! time for work...

Saturday, March 05, 2005

monkee see, monkee doooo

this is a post, just for you...........

Friday, March 04, 2005

ride a painted pony let the spinning wheel spin....

ahhh. thanks to Joeli....i have now tried spinning. I ordered the book Spin It but i couldn't wait so i found some cool websites. close up of the fluffy stuff:

lovely. so the website says to "crack the whip" on a manageable length of fibre to loosen them up. umm *cough cough* didja know i keep my black work clothes on the floor? *ahem* so yeah. next lesson:
although i haven't tested this theory, spinning should be done in the nude. that way, your lovely pulled fibres (thin them out, but don't let them break! who are they kidding?!?!?) don't stick to your knees on your sweatpants...yeah, i wear bum clothes around the house.
here is my first attempt:

pretty lumpy. trust me. not only lumpy, but scarily thin in spots. but i wound it in a ball to save for posterity. or whatever
next up: trying again. so yeah, pulling them apart...not getting much easier. which results in lots of what i have dubbed 'fluffy bits':

i will eventually have to spin those up...but how i will get them even is beyond me. you could card them right? which i don't have, but that would make them more 'useable' but i will deal.
drumroll please:

it is getting fairly even! i get a nice rhythm going...but then the draft fibres will break..and well. then i get a few slubs. i am getting there though. and enjoying it. i cannot thank joeli enough. so i will spin it and of course dye it. not sure what to make yet though...we'll see how much i have.

wendy! what do i do! there is hair in my spinning! Joeli's hair! (that is just for you hehehe. i'm eeeevil)

time to go celebrate my spinning attempts with a B-52 i bought today...sounds delish