Thursday, June 30, 2005

what does MIT know, anyway?

Take the MIT Weblog Survey

so a big part of this survey was that they magically took five links from your blog and asked you about them. 4 of them were parts of webring links. so they didn't get nice answers. stupid survery.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

i should write more often...

i feel dumb. cuz i don't post. as often as the rest of ya'll. but then i go leave comments on random blogs and feel odd that they might click on the link by my name and see my month-old not progress.

i swear i have been knitting!

the purple monkee yarn shurg now has a complete back. it's great. now i'm totally lost on what to do for the front to cure underarm bagging...hmmm. help!

the ribbed knitpicks silky shurg has almost a complete sleeve. the 3x3 rib is truly not annoying me. thank goodness. thought it would. the yarn is just such a dream

pics soon. i swear!

Saturday, June 11, 2005

such a wonderful day!

first things first, I did a lil behind-the-scenes something just for Missy. Bet she notices right away!

moving on, here is sock #1 finished:

and let's not speak of the evil kitchener toe that went waaaaay wrong. even though i've done it before. it stinks. but eh. it'll be in a shoe, right?

and progress on the shurg of monkee-mystery-yarn and self-pattern from Ana just to prove I really am working on it. i wanna finish it and make another tank to wear since it is so warm out.

and finally, i hear the mail truck, and wander downstairs where my mom hands me a fluffy envelope. she guessed it was mine, as she and the postmistress were a little miffed by the package being addressed to a certain "Waffie Wench" *snicker* thanks to the Bank of Brotherling for supplying that.

isnt' it lovely stuff?? 2 skeins of color-me-own sock yarn goodness and 7 of Andean Silk to make the ribbed turtleneck shrug on the cover of Scarf Style. This stuff is all so soft i just wanna sit in the sun and pet it all day long. *giggles* better colour representation here. I got 'Sunset' yes!

yay for picture overload! hope you enjoyed your visit.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005


hey everyone!!! I want to start running. so my main goal is a mile under 9:30 consistently, and over eight weeks working my way down to an 8-minute mile. i am also going to alternate days with longer distances and not timing them at first, cuz then i push myself too hard.

anyway, Ana has sugessted I reward myself with yarn, which is an awesome idea! as long as i use up stash while i am running. I currently have $75 from cutting the grass. so i will keep saving that for eight more weeks as well. then go to the yarn store for some super nice yarn for a gorgeous winter sweater. i'm thinking Noro, of course. seeing as i would never be able to afford Noro (any of them) and this would make an awesome reward for myself. so what are your guys' sugesstions for Noro yarns and patterns?? please share!

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Please Pardon Our Dust!

my blog is a mess, code-wise. i am sure Missy and Wendy would both cringe. then again, blogger is cringe-worthy as it is.

so anyway, my friend Trevor is going to mess with it and make it all better.

so don't mind it if things look goofy.

as if that's anything out of the ordinary..

Thursday, June 02, 2005

i (almost) give up

this darn sock. last time i ran outta yarn. THIS time, i didn't start the toe decreases early enough and need to rip back maybe 20 rows or so. the good thing is that means less purl stitches and more yarn available. i think i have it covered this time. but i'm definitely saving it for tomorrow. sheesh

where was monkee today??