Thursday, November 30, 2006

more bloggage!

yes, that's right. two days in a row.

we stopped in the little thrift store tonight. wandered into the back room where i don't always go since it is usually just toys.
and got this:

for $5. yeah. a steal. especially when i got it home and cleaned it and it looks pretty much brand new. love it.

but what's inside?

YES. green sock yarn. KP former "Color Your Own" now just the Bare Fingering Weight. 100 grams, decided on 5 packs of lemon-lime kool-aid. simmer, 30 minutes later clear water gave me that. now it's cooling so i can rinse (splashed some vinegar in with the cooking. will probably do another vinegar rinse just to be safe). Then it will become Cablenet. My other skein i will try and handpaint a bit in shades of red/pink to make Pomatomus and the failed Jaywalkers of LL shepard sock will become Falling Leaves. Yet I don't like knitting socks, hehe. But Pam has given me confidence these will fit my big ol feet.

Now to get some sleep so i can get up and see if schools are closed, hehe.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

is this thing on?

yeah, yeah. i know i've been remiss in blogging. But life gets busy, y'know?

so without further ado, here's the sweater:

and here's Hush-Hush:

pausing on Hush-Hush in order to wear this sweater for Christmas. Problem is, I don't do ribbing. It always looks wonky and I don't like to do it. So any sugesstions for the bottom and cuffs? I'm not getting "Knitting Beyond the Edge" until Christmas, and I LOVE that book. Too bad I want to wear this before then, har har.

I also knit a man's beanie and gifted it to a friend, and crocheted two potholders. After this sweater, Hush-Hush and flowers need to be rushed! And y'all have to tell me how many flowers I'm getting since I only received two (Laura) and i know Ana and Ceci have a few.

That's all for now! hopefully more sooner than later.