Monday, February 28, 2005

a tweak and a *twitch*

Just to please Wendy, here we are. GREEN. So now Stephy, Joeli and i can still have the same templates. But Jo and I have left Stephy in the and now I am green and Joeli is blue. I hope you are happy, Wendy, as I had to squint through the code to re-do my Haloscan comments, and fix my sidebar...and yeah. painful.

well, just kidding. not too painful. i am pretty good with code. not so much as you are, but yeah. thanks. i can't tell you how many people have pointed out we have the same blog.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Describe Yourself

thanks to Smoochies for this one. hehe

This is just a fun little quiz thing. Basically, you choose a band/artist, then only answer the questions using their song titles. Simple.

Band: R.E.M.

Are you a male, or female: At My Most Beautiful

Describe yourself: Half a World Away

How do some people feel about you: Bang and Blame

How do you feel about yourself? Near Wild Heaven

Describe your family: Try Not to Breathe

Describe your current girlfriend/boyfriend: It's the End of the World as We Know it (and I feel fine)

Describe where you want to be: Nightswimming

Describe what you want to be: Pretty Persuasion

Describe how you live: The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight

Describe how you love: Sweetness Follows

Share a few words of wisdom: Everybody Hurts
hmm. this could get addicting. don't mind me. i write poetry so i took some of these questions and got creative with the answers. Don't think too hard about them. they make sense!

Monday, February 21, 2005

my big head

i made a hat! out of my kool-aid yarn! to fit my big head! (and these are my new glasses)
traditional shot:

arty shot:

fun times!

Saturday, February 19, 2005

my feet are too big


ran out of yarn. darn. now what?

don't worry, SP of mine. i think i will do toe-up socks.

Friday, February 18, 2005

socks and something?

here is my sock from my yarn that my secret pal send me. i am loving the striping action!!

see my pretty toenails? i love painting my nails. even in the winter. my fingernails are currently a sparkly green/blue...color chinging in the light. i love it. it looks better than it sounds, promise.

and here is something. just hello to monkee, as she insisted i post. has Joeli updated yet??

Thursday, February 17, 2005

sorry guys...

so sorry i haven't been posting! my secret pal will be glad to know that i have started in on the socks she sent me! the colors are just super fantastic. i am already at the heel flap of the first sock. lovin' it! pics tomorrow, promise! and i also have to work on my last big package to send to my SP..still gotta make somethin' somethin' for her. i love being a SP. i also have a cute little RAOK to send out.
hey Wendy, did Melly get her stuff??
tomorrow is time for sleeping in and then a huge list of things to do. like give myself a manicure. hehe

hopfully tomorrow i will have a chance to measure out my kool-aid yarn. since i made three skeins of green/yellow/pink, i'm thinking hat...i need a hat!

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

lookee lookee!! it's a bouquet of fruity flavors!

So i took that maroon and ivory sweater and unravelled it today. I then did this:

ain't it pretty?
then i followed these instructions and got this:

it's so prettyful!
3 skeins of pink/yellow/green (pink lemonade, lemonade, changin' cherry)
1 skein green/orange (changin' cherry, orange)
2 skeins red (cherry)
2 skeins orange (orange)
2 skeins pink (pink lemonade)
what a wonderful way to spend my day!!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Clapotis es fini, falling off the yarn diet and more

okay. Clapotis is done. i guess this is as accurate a picture i am going to get. i think purple just doesn't photograph well.

I promise to get a full out pic of it if we ever have nice weather.
and ummmm, yarn diet be damned. if you found this:

in the bargain bin, and the LYS lady told you it was discontinued, would you pass that:

up for only $30?? summer top out of purple..and i just looooove the orange. and i figured since i was breaking the diet anyway, i may as well take every ball they had...all 11 of them. sigh. Tahki Cotton Colori, you are sooo pretty.
i got a package from my SP today!!! Patons Kroy in the prettiest color and a "Fluted Banister Socks" pattern. this will be so much fun!

and lastly, i picked up some stuff for ReKAL. Check it out here
and now i will go finish putting my first reKAL into hanks so i can hang it in the bathroom. i take nice steamy showers LOL and i think i will maybe update my blog links over there. ta ta!

Monday, February 07, 2005

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

yay! i had a really great birthday. my friends and family got me great things, especially the e-cards and the well-wishes. i also finished clapotis! pictures soon. it is supposed to be rainy though, so it may have to be an artificial light pic, but it'll be here.

i bought leather for my slipper bottoms. maybe i will play with that tomorrow. thanks to all my knitty buddies who wished me a happy birthday!

Friday, February 04, 2005

just a quick update

here's to say that i didn't sleep much at all last night, woke up feeling like crap, felt like that all day. at least i left work early...6 hours instead of 8. learnred how to cable w/out a cable needle. this will help me progress on Mariah. After I finish Clapotis, which isn't long now because i am on the decrease section now. it is so lovely!

my toes are cold as my slippers are still wet..

Thursday, February 03, 2005

my first lined purse....with a zipper!

hey guys. i spent today lining my felted purse from yesterday, and it is SWEEEEEET!! The purse after felting (forgot to measure before) is about 10X6. I bought a 12 inch zipper, and dug around for a suitable scrap fabric. I chose not to put the zipper directly onto the felt or on the fabric because then if there was any sort of bulge to what i put in the purse, it would not zip correctly. So here is what I did:
I made a simple rectangle, and left extra material at the top in order to have room to put in the zipper. I measured where I wanted the zipper to open, marked it, and sewed it in. I then folded under the top edge to hide the end of the material, and made a nice 'placket' on each side of the zipper.
I made a new zipper stop (in white thread) and cut off the excess. you can see my plackets nicely in this picture.
You can see in the first picture that my lining is slightly wider than the purse itself. this is to allow for some 'stuffage' I only had to stretch the felt a tiny bit to fit in the lining. I then pinned only my placket to the felt, all the way around. Took out a needle and some white thread, tacked it in and, VOILA!!

Enjoy those instructions, if they will ever help you! I am very pleased with how this turned out.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

the smell of wet sheep on a sunny afternoon.....

as you have all been begging, here are the pictures!!! the purse is now felted (and i remembered where i had the pattern at!) and only needs to be lined (my first time doing that) and put in the zipper. it's still wet. cascade 220 quatro..not as lovely once felted, but still a nice mix of color

and my ballet slippers, yay! lamb's pride worsted which took seriously 8 times longer than the cascade to felt. the purse only took 10 minutes, this took FOREVER. but well worth it cuz they are nice thick and fuzzy and fit well. a pic of them on my happy toes once dry

that's it for now! time to go eat pizza and cut out lining for my purse before working tonight

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

*groaning* at Lisa

just kidding! i saw that Wendy tagged Lisa, Sarah, and Amy and wondered when i would be next LOL seems that Lisa got me, so here goes!

1. Total amount of music files on your computer:
ummm, you will not believe this. 70 gigs. and no, i did not put that there. my bro took most all of the cds in the house (between four people that is a lot) plus things he *cough*downloaded*cough* and wow. didn't realize it was that much
2.The Cd you last bought is:
live in buffalo july 4th, 2004 the Goo Goo Dolls
3.What is the song you listened to before reading this message?
i'm listening to 'My Private Nation' by Train. currently on track 11 "About to come Alive"
4.Write down five songs you often listen to or mean a lot to you:
"Daughters" John Mayer...just totally love him, his voice, and these lyrics
"Wonderful Tonight" Eric Clapton...great guitar player and awesome singer
"Two Days in February" Goo Goo Dolls....perfectly described how i was feeling after my breakup
"Bridge Over Troubled Water" Johnny Cash feat. Fiona my friend turned me on to Johnny Cash and now there's no turning back
"Tapestry" Carole King....gotta love that whole album, actually...
5.Who will you pass this on to (3 people) and why?
Leah over in Knitsville, WIP because i love reading her blog and am jealous of Mariah
Steph from And She Knits, Too! because i admire her knitting and her writing
and Rachel just cuz i like her, even though she is super busy being pregnant and taking care of ben ;) and i'm not sure if she'll see the tag
this was fun, thanks lisa!!!

kinky yarn and felted things

yes, yes, i know. where are the pics? well, i still need to felt the purse. then you can see. i unraveled that stinky worsted weight sock, and it has now become a felted ballet slipper. at least, it is pre-felted right now, and i am going to go cast on the second one. after the load of towels comes out of the wash, in goes my slippers (hopefully) and then tomorrow, I promise, promise i will have pics! in between a lunch date, errands and work at night, will give you the pictures you (Jo) so desperately want to see. i will have my purse and my slippers, because my toes are cold and i needed instant gratification even though i have mariah, clapotis and a raglan all waiting to be finished. argh. keep doing small things and those will never get done.

back to the slippers!