Thursday, February 26, 2009

Go CVS, go!

CVS 2/23

This trip was with the express purpose of using a $2/$10 CVS CRT, AND to get up to $10 of Blade products to earn $3 ECB.

Sometimes CVS is like gambling. I heard people were getting the (in)famous $2/2 nuts CRT, and there are nuts for $.99 and $.79, so always a money-maker! And I got it! Also got a $1 CRT for Blade Shave Gel.

Blade Energy Drink: $2.19, $2/2 coupon
Blade Shave Gel: $3.19, $1 CRT
CVS Almonds: $1.98 for 2, $2 CRT
CVS Cotton Swabs: $.50 to get me to $10.05 to use the CRT
So that is good, would have paid $2 ECB, earned $3
But I also found the True North on Clearance for $1.75 and used a $1 coupon as a treat for Matt (must always scan clearance items! Tags said $3.49 and the almonds scanned that, but not these!) so I did pay $2.22 on GC (high tax in these here parts. ugh)

But then the $3 ECB didn't print, but even though this was a cashier I regularly go by, he wasn't his normal cheerful self, and there was a line, so I just left. But I did call Customer Service yesterday and got the nicest lady and she said it definitely should have printed, but sometimes those money-totals take a while to update in the system. I should check my account in 48 hours and hopefully it either prints on its own or she will watch and force it to my account. so that did turn out! Matt likes this Blade stuff (has matching cologne spray, shave gel and shampoo now) and I have switched him to it from Axe, which is generally cheaper! go me!

CVS Trip 2/22

CVS 2/22

Transaction #1:
CVS Facial Tissue: $1.99 BOGO
Fruitopia Conditioner: $1.99, $1 CRT
CVS 10 ct. Cotton Squares: $.99, $1 CRT
Blade men's shampoo + conditioner: $3.34, $1 CRT
=$10.30 of CVS brand, meaning I could use my $2/$10 CVS CRT
Used a $5 ECB, none generated, paid $.32 GC

Transaction #2:
Dayquil/Nyquil: $4.99x2, $1.50x2, earn $5 ECB
South Beach Bars (not pictured): $2.50 each, $2 manq x2 = 2/$1.00
CVS Chili Seasoning: $.77
Cadbury Mini Eggs (my favorite holiday candy, hands down!): $.49x3 (we were hungry after lunch ;) )
Sally Hansen Nail Polish: BOGO50% but they did not scan what the shelf said, but couldn't remember exact price, plus that would mess up the 1/2 price if they adjust, I think. Had a $3/2 CVS coupon so $5.06 for 4 bottles, French Manicures coming up for me! LOL
CVS 10 ct Cotton Squares: $.99, $1 CRT, earned $2 ECB for the 2 I bought today
Renuzit TriScents Holder: $5.49, used $4 manq x2 earned $4 ECB! yay more than free!

Used $10 in ECB and earned back $11, so that worked well. I did pay more in GC than I would like ($2.77) but the nail polish threw me off. Oh well.

On my receipt I noticed a "Spend $10 on Blade, earn $3 ECB" which isn't advertised anymore, so I left the store plotting a new trip....

Walgreens Trip 2/22

WAGS 2/22

Matt decided to sleep in, so I left for church super-early so I could stop at the stores beforehand ;) They had some good deals I didn't want to miss out on. (don't mind my 'stickering' of the photo yet again. I always forget to remove things that shouldn't be there...oops!)

Stayfree 2/$4: Should have been able to use BOGO and $2/2, but the $2 wouldn't work. Still, $1 each is okay
Glade Plugins: $2.50 each (except Apple didn't scan sale price, hoping they work for rebate!), $1manq x4, get back $4.40 on rebate = 4/$1.60 yay!
Excedrin: $1.99, $1 get $1RR back = FREE
Foil: Scans $1.69, use $1 coupon, then in-ad coupon makes them $.89 each. Bought 2, so -$.22 for 2 =)
Reese's Whipps Candy Bars: $.89 BOGO with in-ad coupon, used 4-$1/2 coupons = -$.44 for 8! hehe

Gotta love items that you are paid to take off their hands.

Which is why I'm waiting until 3/8!! They have those new Glade things I bought a few weeks back for $7.99 each. Use a BOGO coupon and a $4 coupon, PLUS the $4 store coupon, means they will PAY ME $4.01 for each 2 I buy. I'm hoping to get 8. haha The BOGO and $4 did work together, so I'm hoping she does it for me again. This cashier is always really amazed at what I save. If they won't accept the BOGO and $4, they are still free after a manq and storeq $4 each, but not a huge moneymaker! It's fun because you then use that 'free money' to pay for the other items in your order, like the free-after-rebate items for March ;)

Friday, February 20, 2009


Something Elizabeth posted has gotten me totally excited, although I have 5 whole months of waiting ahead! I think though, that it means I should finish the socks from the yarn I bought on last year's excursion, or at least work on the shawl I started there last year LOL oh me and my stack of WIPs!

I really should work on my mittens, since the cold is not ending any time soon!! I would welcome those wooly goodies.

Speaking of wool, we bought the cat a new toy for $1. It's a wool mouse, and it says when he chews it up a bit and it feels loose, to tie it up in a sock and throw it in with the laundry. DUH. Coulda made that myself LOL

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jewel Catalina Deals

(OR: Why you should never throw out a General Mills coupon)

Jewel 2/19

Several Catalina deals are overlapping at Jewel (Shaws, or whatever you have where you live). The new one starting today is buy 10 GM products, get $10 OYNO. Perfect, because there are no price calculations and arguing about why your coupon did not print. Buy 10 products, plain and simple. Also, ending this coming Sunday, is the Nature Valley (plus I think Chex bars and something else) Catalina where if you buy 5 you get $3.50 OYNO. Huh....imagine that!

Nature Valley Granola bars: $2.50x5, $.60x2, $.50x3
Chex Mix Bars: $2.50x3, $.60x2, $.50x2
Pillsbury rolls: $2.50, $2.50 free coupon, $1 coupon
Paid $17.54 cash and received a $10 and $3.50 OYNO! Worked like a charm

We need milk for breakfast tomorrow (plus snow is coming tomorrow. I know from working there that when bad snow is forecast, milk, bread and water just FLY off the shelves. No way I'm waiting 'til tomorrow to buy it!).

Kellogg's cereal: $2.50 each, $1x4
Get a free gallon of milk instantly WYB 4-Kellogg's
Kellogg's Fiber Plus bars: 2/$4.50, $.75x2
Grapefruit 8lbs for $2.49! Amazing! I love grapefruit. Great price.
Butter $1.88 each, which is good. Why yes, I did already have 4 pounds of butter in the freezer, which hubby pointed out the moment I pulled it out of the bag ;) Hey, we like to bake!
Used the $10 and $3.50, paid $2.21 cash.

So 20 items for $19.75. Definitely a good deal. We needed some cereal that was not Frosted Mini-Wheats (earlier this week bought 4/$6 with Dominick's coupon and used 4-$1 coupons, great dela!). The Nature Valley bars are to add to a PB sandwich to hand out to homeless (hubby's passion) (using free Fisher PB from Ultra).

So once again, I set foot in Jewel only for the Catalina promos. But I happened to check the hummus section, and the item I have a raincheck for is not on the shelf anymore...strange.

Quick CVS Run

CVS 2/19

Not the best I've ever done, but good enough! Especially considering I did it on the fly with ECBs expiring today, and not having the $1 on any CVS skincare (due to laziness and forgetfulness). I picked up this stuff to utilize CRTs and also get some nice stuff to go in a gift bag I am creating for a nice woman and her 10-year-old daughter.

CVS Cotton Balls $1.99
CVS Nail Polish Remover $1.99
CVS travel size Cotton Squares $.99 x2
(Buy 2 CVS products above, get $2 ECB, so earned $4 total. Can do 3 more times)
CVS Low-dose aspirin $1.99 FAECB
CVS Hand Lotion $3.99 earn $1 ECB
Nail Polish $1.99 BOGO50%
Excedrin travel pack $2.49 FAECB (rain check from the other week)
Used $2/$10 CVS brand, $1 on CVS lotion, $2 on cosmetics CRT
Used $11.58 ECB, earned $9.48

I also returned all the recalled ProMax bars yesterday (I had given them to my uncle for Christmas) and it was enough to get him a box of Zyrtec D instead, plus have $2 left over and earn $1 ECB, which showed up as Benadryl on my receipt, but I'm not complaining. Hopefully I can find more of those travel size cotton squares on Sunday...

Monday, February 09, 2009

Clean on the cheap

Walgreens 2/9

We want to switch to using more natural cleaners (like baking soda and vinegar and lemon juice) but I still enjoy some convenience, especially when it comes to cleaning the toilet. This is a 3-month supply for $2 ;)

All items were $3.50. Used $3/2 coupon for scrubbing bubbles, and two-$1.50 pledge coupons. I love the all-purpose spray, so the convenience of the wipe is nice.

So that's $9.09 off my gift card, but get $4.40 back on rebate. Still ahead for the month!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Free at Walgreen's today!

Walgreens 2/8

Yes, Walgreens was amazing today! I took a coupon risk and it worked for me. The key is to never offer more than they ask for ;)

  • Glade holders: $8.99 each, bought 4. Used two BOGO coupons, two $4 coupons (which I have never thought should be allowed, and the cashier was thinking about it hard...but then scanned it and the register accepted!), plus $12 (plus 10%) total back in rebate: -$3.22 for all 4!

  • Quaker Oatmeal: 2/$5, used two $1 manq, $1 back in rebate: $1.90 for two

  • Walgreens contact solution: $1.99 FAR

  • Zucol $7.99 FAR, used $2 manq to make some extra ;)

  • Progresso Soup: 4/$5 with in-ad coupon, used two $1.10 coupons = $.30 for 2!

Totals: $24.18 spent on gift card. As we walk to the car, Matt asks the key question: What are you getting back on the rebate? $25.28. haha. Love it! Plus, our printer at home just needs some fresh ink and I can begin printing a set of coupons here besides at work and also at my mom's (if it isn't something she will use!

Great deals this week :) Back in the swing at Walgreens! Except they didn't even have the razors in stock for the RRs. Strange!

free @ CVS today!

CVS 2/8

  • Crackers: $1 each. Bought 4, used 2- $2/2 coupons = FREE

  • Glady Spray: $.99 each, $1/2 manq and $1 CRT, adjusted down = FREE

  • CVS Rolaids: $1.99 FREE CRT = FREE

  • Sprite 20oz = $1.59 (all we paid for, but Matt had an upset stomach and needed it)

So yes, no ECBs used, none gained ;) $1.80 spent on gift card for soda and tax. Easy day!

No, I haven't posted much from CVS lately. I haven't been in the mood and haven't seen much. My ECBs have dwindled, but I got another $30 GC for my script this month, so I can rebuild when I get back in the swing of things.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009



Yay FO! Took a month, which it shouldn't have, but hey. They are done, which means I can make my own pair to replace the ones that disappeared. ugh. My hands are SO cold in this darn coldest winter in way too many years.

Brown Sheep Nature Spun Worsted on 1 and 3. Threw them in my mom's washer on the 'ultra handwash' cycle which is fantastic. They came out with the wonkiness from between the needles all taken care of. Gave them a gentle stretch and they are perfect!