Sunday, April 30, 2006

an update, at last.

soo... i just knit a hautter. it was a meh experience. i used Patons Fresco, which is discontinued. the hautter pattern is also 'discontinued' as it is not currently available. anyway. here it is, in all it's unflattering glory:

urgh. i don't think the elastic in the band will help much, but i'll put it in eventually. it makes me look flat as all get out. here's how i shall wear it to school tomorrow:

and then, a little while back, Laura was talking about her wonderful Kinder egg surprises. my daddy brought us back three packs from the netherlands. my uncle had really fun toys. so i couldn't wait to eat mine. imagine my reaction when i open my first egg to find this:

yeah. more cracker jack than kinder surprise. but it is a nicely made puzzle, as the pieces interlock solidly and one can pick up puzzle without it falling apart. it is one of four to make a larger picture.

if i get two more parts of the puzzle, i will be seriously mad.

next up: jaywalkers out of some lorna's laces. mmm. socks for myself!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

no knitting today...

cuz my graduation gift arrived...

oooh, a box in my room!!

talk about excess paper!

at least i have two desks in my room so i can set this one up while not disturbing my old one so i can homework. right. four more weeks.

oh boy Missy. wait'll you get yours. i had to uninstall tons of crap...since this came with XP-Media Center. ugh. now Norton Internet Securites is telling me i have installed the program more times than is allowed and it will not activate it. grrrr. daddy will call and see what they can do. :D meanwhile, i now have to install things bit by bit, then transfer over all my crap, then back it up, then go through stacks of floppies to see if they contain anything useful since new comp has card readers instead of floppy drive.
and SIX USB ports! yay! two of which are on the front. thank goodness. makes life MUCH easier.
and 1GB SDRAM. and a 160 GB hard drive. a 17" LCD. *happy sigh*

Monday, April 10, 2006

sockapaloooza complete!

here they are!! bound off yesterday afternoon. so glad to have them done. they are slightly small for me, which means they should fit my pal just fine. hoping they get over the ankles alright.

I used Regia Mini Rengel Stripe. i got so worried when i pulled them out of the stash because the numbers didn't match. not just the lot number, but the COLOUR number! huh?? i bought enough yarn for like 5 pairs of socks last year, and i don't know how i missed this. i got so worried, but cast on anyway. i have made some socks, and NEVER gotten the stripes to match up, no matter how hard i tried. so i didn't try. and you can see the toes started a bit off, but then on one sock i think i missed a row in the heel *ssssshh* and they matched the whole way up the leg. go figure!

i used addi turbos, size 1, and a size 4 for the bind off at the top. free pattern from link not handy at the moment. did two socks, two circs, first time, all on my own, from a pattern written for dpns. yup. proud of myself.

Friday, April 07, 2006

new specs!

i was so, soooo tired of my old glasses. so for graduation i got new ones. plus a year's worth of contacts. *happy sigh*



in the SHADE!

top 'o the line, all sorts of extras. i love them both! makes me want to wear glasses more often just so i can wear the sunglasses. hehe. must go PM anne baby, and tell her my deals...

now that my hair is dry, i have one question. i'm debating bangs of some sort. what do y'all think??

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

it's getting hot in herre

man, this sweater is really warm on my arms. hope i can wear it this season. just took this pic then slid the needle back on to the body sts.

i really like how it's coming out. now to pick up underarm sts so there is NO seaming! yay! then some quick decreases to tighten it up and we're off! won't be making it too long...don't have much yarn, and need button bands.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Knitting Update top down sweater has one complete sleeve on it. i think a picture is on my memory card, except that i am at school and that is at home, so i do not remember if i actually took that pic or not.

but here's my current WIP list:

1-sockpal socks
2-supersecret small thingie ;-)
3-test knitting...Ana?
4-Trellis for gift

those are the required things. then i have so many WIPs it ain't even funny, especially because they don't get worked on. i was hoping to finish this top-down sweater to wear it this season. we shall see...spring is a strange creature in Chicago!