Friday, February 15, 2008

The kitteh!

He came to us with the name of Penguin, and Matt decided he is now Jack. Our pretty kitty! He's 10 and just unbelievably sweet and good-mannered. Here are some pics for now. (Matt needs to take pics of my newest knitting this weekend. So I maybe blog more than once a week, har har). Will wait for a sunny day to open the drapes and get amazing true-color photos because his eyes are an incredible green. We have no idea why someone left him at the shelter, sweet thing.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Sorry it took so long...

No excuses, really.

But we are thinking of getting a cat. I've been severely allergic to some cats in the past, but yesterday when I walked in the tiny room holding ten cats and played with one of them, I didn't suffer any adverse affects. Maybe one sneeze, but hey, that happens. We were looking here at Diva, a really calm and sweet calico. She seemed to like me, and would be good for our small apartment and the quietness of just the two of us. She used to live in a house with three kids, so she can tolerate a bit, I would imagine. Now we are waiting to be approved and call back to say when we can pick her up (they go to Petsmart on Sundays and Wednesdays). So tonight and tomorrow will be spent moving some furniture (we have so much....stuff. and we don't exactly like it. but we don't see too much we can easily get rid of. oh well) and making room for her things. But yay! my first pet. It's becoming exciting.

As for knitting...well, I think I will lose the space I was going to use to block my sweater. That's a pain...but hey. Kitty! And I can't leave my knitting out and about, at least at first. We'll have to see what all she gets herself into while we are out of the house. Need to see about how long we can leave her in a cage if needed, because it's difficult to train while not home, haha. And we don't want a cat in the bedroom at all, or else she could have easily stayed in there while we were at it will take some thinking before we say for sure we want this kitty.

I have a vest that just needs blocking and buttons sewn. Also a sweater I really want to wear on Thursday for my birthday, but it needs 1.5 sleeves and blocking. But preliminary trials show it fits like a dream (yay!) So maybe I can knit a ton at lunch today and get it blocking before the cat shows up (happy birthday to me ;) )

That's about it...hopefully FO pics soon. and KITTY pics :)