Tuesday, January 30, 2007

oh, my.

i was at last able to upgrade to new-blogger. i dunno if i wanted to or not, but it seemed like a good idea before they decided to do it FOR me, which you know they will do soon enough. Maybe i will play with the new layout/templates, maybe not. maybe blogger will be less of a pain. maybe, maybe not.

wedding knitting is going well. but there are so many other things i want to knit for me, all from stash yarn. then again, i did want to be a part of the craft fair coming up in november, which would use a lot of stash yarn i don't really want anyway. hmmm, dilemmas. do i actually have time amongst wedding planning, moving, honeymoon, new life, etc, to get enough stuff to fill an entire table at a craft fair? maybe. because i could make some money which'd be nice.

hmmmm. in case you don't read my xanga or post to knittyboard, i have two job interviews thursday. one at the city electric department, the other at a book publisher that i'd LOVE to work at. so good thoughts on those. wil keep you updated.

Friday, January 19, 2007

awww, baby!

Hey y'all, spent some time with some wonderful children yesterday. Her mom took a nice digital photo which i will get sometime. meanwhile, here's a quick one I took with my phone so you could see the sweater i made her, actually on her. almost four months old now, awwww

Monday, January 15, 2007

lazy, yet not.

so we had dinner for Matt's birthday at my house last Thursday, and these pics have languished on my card since then. Alas, today is his birthday, which means i am not late at all! We are now the same age for three weeks, heh. Then I'm his old woman again! But anyway, two pics for your viewing enjoyment:

This one, where his expression is classicly fun, but i ruined it by somehow having my eyes closed at the exact wrong second.

and this one, where you can see the hat and us all happy, but it's rather boring, ay?

Someday soon i will take a pic of Hush Hush progress. 16 inches down, 7 more with 7 decrease rows left before the F'n'F top. yay!!! Then more flowers. argh, weddings.

also debating the switch to "new blogger" before they do it for me. hmmm.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

and we have a winner!

yay for the first FO of the year! and it's only the 4th day :)

Finished a Coronet for Matt's birthday out of Wool-Ease to match the lengthwise scarf I made him last year.

knit the cabled band yesterday, then today i grafted, picked up, and knit the rest.

it fits nice! so it should fit him. i have a HUGE head. he tried on my yellow one. now we match! hehe

and a quick pic of the finished sweater:

(oh yes. most of you will recognize Matt on the right. he looks like his mom! his bro is the other good-looking guy, and that's their step-dad)
Now to work on Hush Hush!!